Learn about life settlements

FAQ/ 01

Can I Sell My Policy?

Your life insurance policy is a financial asset – and can be sold for cash. The sale of your policy. This right is protected by the US Supreme Court via their decision in Grigsby v Russell.

You owe it to yourself to explore your options. If you are over 70, often a life settlement is worth MUCH more than the cash surrender value. On average, we paid roughly 10 times the cash surrender value.

FAQ/ 02

Why Sell My Policy?

Policy owners sell their policies for a myriad of reasons including:

  • You no longer need the policy
  • You can no longer afford the premiums
  • Funds are needed for major expenses such as medical care


Regardless of the reason, we are here at Top Dollar to help

FAQ/ 03

How Much is My Policy Worth?

The value of your life insurance policy is dependent on four variables including:

  • Cost of future premiums
  • Your health status
  • Policy face value
  • Policy maturity date
  • As a general rule, policies for insured under age 70 do not price unless there are severe medical problems.


To help you out, we offer a Life Settlement Calculator for illustrative purposes